On 2 Jun 6pm I will be hosting an InstaLive on thegrapevineworks.com  with health writer Sara Davenport, giving tips on getting your mojo back after lockdown…

Lockdown is pretty much over. But with continued uncertainty ahead and some exhausting months behind us, what can we as teens, adults, and parents of teens, do to get the swing back in our stride? Accredited mind coach Hermione Crawford, and writer and health expert Sara Davenport, discuss issues around getting your mojo and motivation back, planning for the future when there’s still uncertainty, how to see the wood for the trees in our everyday lives… and that all important element: finding purpose, no matter how big or small. Hermione will share some scientifically tested techniques and Sara will give top tips for sleep and take us through testing our baseline mental and physical health, benefiting teens and adults alike.

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