Hermione Crawford
mind coaching

Adults, adolescents and in schools

I help clients plan goals, overcome challenges and get where they want to go in life

Adult coaching

Coaching empowers us to make lasting, positive change in our lives.

Future planning in all areas of life
Work/life balance
Wellbeing goals
Relationships and communication
Self esteem and confidence building
Coping with self-criticism and negative thoughts

Stress and worry management, including around Covid

Career development and returning to work after a break
Transition from university and into work, including CVs, skill balancing and goal setting
Breaking bad habits

Teen coaching

Coaching helps teens to be resilience, confident and self-supporting. It gives skills they will carry on into their adult life.

Exam techniques
Mental strength
Healthy relationships with self and others
Good communication
Worry and stress management
Emotional regulation
Goal setting and accomplishment
Tertiary and career planning
Focus and awareness
Breaking bad habits
Time management and organisation

Coaching in schools

Working within a school not only benefits pupils but the whole community.
- One-to-one sessions with students and teachers
- Workshops and drop-in clinics
- Working with stakeholders including tutors and parents
- Programmes tailored to recurring challenges in each year group, for example:
Peak performance
Stress and worry management
Exam and revision techniques
Interview training and career planning
Emotional regulation
Goal setting and accomplishment
Boosting confidence and assertiveness
Time management and organisation
Communication and healthy relationships

Hello! I’m Hermione

You have the answer to the big questions in your life, whether you’re 12 or 70. All it takes is a determination to work towards the answer, and a plan to get there. That’s where I come in.

I’m a fully qualified, accredited and DBS-checked coach practitioner, trained to work with adults and adolescents, and my job is to help you get to where you want to go in life. My training takes from a brand swathe of therapeutic, CBT, positivity and mindfulness techniques so its never one size fits all – it’s about what works best for you to get the maximum impact in the minimum time. 

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