Coaching for adults


The change comes from within

As well as being an adolescent coach, I am also trained to work with adults – indeed that’s where I started.

Wanting to improve the best foryourself and your situation is a lifelong goal, and coaching is the best way to increase clarity and focus at any stage of life.


Next steps coaching

I have a particular interest in post-school coaching, working towards clarity about next steps, whether it’s about which university or which career might suit. I use highly effective techniques, psychometry and step-by-step goal planning to map out a path which will not only use all your skills but also tap into your passions, so that rather than being nerve-racking, your next step can be exciting.


Family coaching

Sometimes the way to make most lasting change is to work with parents and teens together. Family coaching can help develop great communication, manage boundaries and difficult feelings, and encourage resilience. The hour-long session will be divided between child, parent and/or together, depending on what works best for each individual family. We design the relationship together to get the happiest and most productive outcomes.

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