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Getting started…

If coaching sounds like something that would be of benefit, the first step is for the client and I to meet or speak on phone/Zoom for a free 25-minute introductory session to see if coaching is right. With teens this call can be with parents – I understand how important it is that you are comfortable with coaching and myself as a coach for your child.

In the first session we will get to know each other and get a feel for what areas the coachee would like to work on.

After that, the next session will be about setting goals in a specific area, for example focus and motivation or confidence building, then putting in place a programme working towards that goal. If other issues or blocks come up along the way – which is very common – we work on solutions to get round the block, or switch direction to better reflect the client’s needs.

Sessions are generally solution focused with a plan in mind, and as a result, coaching is normally time-limited, generally 6-12 sessions, ie half a term or a term. Sessions are normally booked in blocks of three or six.

Sessions are ideally 35-40 mins in length, though for older, emotionally mature clients they can be longer, and for younger clients with short attention spans or those with attention deficit disorders they can be as short as 25 minutes.

Sessions are £50 each with a minimum of three sessions (not including the free confirmation call or meeting). This cost includes wraparound care, ie planning sessions in advance and following up with clients, supporting them to practice their tools and helping them ‘stick to the plan’.

Areas suitable for coaching and support include:
Future planning
Self esteem and confidence building
Exam techniques

Mental strength
Healthy relationships with self and others
Good communication
Worry and stress management
Emotional regulation
Goal setting and accomplishment
Tertiary and career planning
Focus and awareness
Breaking bad habits
Time management and organisation.

And much more! For more information about how and what coaching is (including how it differs from therapy), please see my FAQs.

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